Entomological Society of Saskatchewan
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Wasp on yellow flowering plant

Student Presentation Award


The prize shall be awarded to a student giving a scientific presentation at the Entomological Society of Saskatchewan ESS Annual Meeting.


$100 annually.


The award will be based on merit, regardless of the number of students entered according to the following criteria:

  1. Presentation and preparation of the material
  2. Knowledge of the subject
  3. Scope of the work, experimental design

Participants must indicate to the organizing committee that they wish to enter the competition. All students, including those from universities outside Saskatchewan who wish to participate in the competition, are eligible for the award.

Application Procedure:

Students who wish to enter the competition must indicate so when submitting their abstract for the annual meeting to the address below.


Tyler Wist, Treasurer, Entomological Society of Saskatchewan
107 Science Place, Saskatoon SK, S7N 0X2
Ph. (306) 956-7667
E-mail: tyler.wist@agr.gc.ca