Entomological Society of Saskatchewan
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Wasp on yellow flowering plant

About Us


The Entomological Society of Saskatchewan (ESS) meets twice a year, usually the spring and fall. The fall meeting includes talks about various aspects of insects, and presentation of two awards. The Arthur R. Brooks Memorial Prize in Entomology is awarded to an university student who has made an outstanding contribution to entomology in Saskatchewan and maintains an acceptable academic average. A Student Paper Award is given for the best student paper presented at the fall meeting.


A newsletter is produced two or three times a year. This newsletter contains information regarding upcoming meetings and collection trips, reports of new insects in the province, status of important insect species, and other information that is of interest to the society.

Insect Surveys

The ESS is active in observing, identifying and collecting insects. In the last few years, trips have been made to collect insects in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park and Pine Cree Regional Park. Insects are collected from various habitats in that area. In late June and July, ESS members participate in an annual North American butterfly count.

Talks and Presentations

Members of the society are active in giving talks, presentations and displays at schools, field days and shopping malls. Presentations include living and preserved specimens, slides of insects as well as information on how to collect and display insects. A dissecting microscope is available for preparation and demonstration of insect material. Interested groups are invited to contact the ESS regarding requests for presentations.